• Chillin like a villian.

    Be take'n it easy this week on the bike, as mentioned in earlier posts. I believe my bike time this week since my 19 hours of racing at 24-9 is sitting right about 5 hours. It feels good to sit around, relax, and sleep. As I always say...Train Hard, Rest Harder.

    Yesterday I got my cork cutting on. Just traced out the insert in my kicks, and now they are ready to be tried out. It will be interesting to see if this helps the issue. Hot spots has really never been an issue, but for some reason it was about as exteme as it could get this past weekend. Not sure what caused it, but I sure do hope to cure it ASAP!

    This months racing should be interesting. I am going to try to do something that most endurance racers don't do. It will be a true test of mind, body, and equipment. Only time will tell, but maybe a carbon RUSH would help my cause....hint, hint, hint. I know you read this Cannondale. Help a brother out :-)

    Been spending a lot of time here lately. Work is busy...but hours are cut. Dang!

    Trans-Iowa: V3 discussion has begun! Get over here and lay down your thoughts ASAP!