• 24 Hours of Afton: Go! Go! Go!

    It's GO time once again. Today is the last day of rest and recovery. Bikes are dialed. Clothing is packed. All other supplies are packed. My legs feel good, and I am feeling pretty good about this race based on some of my previous rides over the past few weeks. But, as with all 24's, the stars have to align in the proper form for success.

    Plan as of now is to head out about 8 AM on Friday morning to drive up to Afton Alps. Unlike most 24's this race starts at 5 PM on Friday. Buchanandale and myself are heading up to get the same pit area I had back in 2003. This race is pretty cool with it's time format. Meaning that you get the night riding out of the way when you are still fresh. The downfall is that you bake in the hot sun when you are the most tired. Either way, there is a lot to overcome at this event.

    Weather forecast at the moment is a bit up in the air. A lot of weather forecasts are calling for Friday thunderstorms. Also heard that there is new trail that was installed for this years race. New trail + wet weather = slog fest. Just have to wait and see. I am hoping that I will not have to break out the rain cape.

    Check back on Sunday sometime for a complete recap with pictures. There might even be some photos taken of Buchanandale or myself racing this. Also, if you are at Afton, look for the Cannondale banner and stop by and say "Whatzzzz up!" We don't bite.

    Check out Sloane's group rides! Damn! Steve Larsen and friends are taking names!

    Over and out.