• Tapers Suck.

    I think the only think more uneventful and boring than a well planned taper is watching my roommate watch TV...when it's not on. WTF!?

    Anyway, Monday was a day off from the bike due to the night time run thru the woods on Sunday. Plus, I am in the midst of a allergy attack from what I think is the pollen from the corn fields that surround me. My eyes are itchy, and I am sneezing every 15 minutes. Hopefull things clear up soon. Tuesday will be back to the bike for about 1 to 1.5 hours of light riding with a few hard bursts. Might just sit in on the group ride if the pace is where I want it to be. Just have to see.

    Team clothing continues to be a ball up. As of now, I am set to get my clothing at the hotel in Wausau on Friday. But just a few minutes ago, I was CC'd in an e-mail saying the clothing already went thru customs in route to Boulder, CO. Those darn Canadian's at Sugoi. So maybe I might be rock'n the proper threads this weekend. Just have to see.

    Tires for the weekend are decided. They will be the Maxxis Larsen TT's in a 1.9 for some faster rolling. Hope the weather holds up. Forecast is to be stupid hot with a chance of severe storms. First year I did this event we had an event roll thru the evening before the event and tear up a lot of the pits. Some people might remember that ;-)

    That is all for now. I am charging batteries for the weekend, and one of them is telling me it's time to be put away until Saturday night.