• Looky what I found.

    Holy fiberous contruction Batman! It's a carbon RUSH! I know as much as the rest of you. In fact, the picture was sent to me from a undisclosed source. So what'a ya say Cannondale? How about a fleet of these for 24 Nationals. Hmmmmmm?

    In non-fairytail news....
    Last night was the group ride. I attacked. I attacked too much. I attacked my own attacks. What the hell? Buchanandale has a recap of the madness.

    What was in the case yesterday?
    Well...it was a new light. Just think of it as the current Triple Shot on steroids. Complete with high and low beams, and not to mention a battery indicator light on the handlebar switch. One of the new upgrades to the light...and all of CatEye's lights is the new bracket for mounting lights. Instead of making a range of clamps to fit the different bar sizes, they have come up with this...
    That's all for now. Night rides to come soon in the next few days if it dries up. Pictures will follow.