• Latest LED Technology.

    Last night Buchanandale and myself headed out with the latest offerings in LED technology from CatEye. Buchanandale was armed with the new Triple Shot Pro, and I was rock'n the Double Shot Pro on my helmet. The ride was short...only about 1.5 hours. The whole goal of the ride was to try the new lights out and get the cable routing down for Nationals.

    We headed out at sundown. Time of day was right at 9 PM. 20 minutes later, the lights would be needed.

    As we rolled into George Wyth State Park the lights were needed in full effect. The new lights were a treat to use. The highlights include a new battery, high and low beams, and battery indicator lights.

    While rolling thru the park we came upon fellow Cateye Double Shot user, Rob. He is gun'n for Nationals also. He will be taking part in a 4 man team...which if i remember right won last year. Rob is so excited for this years race that he said he is sleeping in last year event t-shirt all week for good mojo.

    Buchanandale loves the new stealth look of the Triple Shot. I think he said..." I need to get me one'a these."...about a million times while riding.

    Overall reactions by all on the ride were high remarks for the new lights. More testing is ahead with atleast three 24 hours races left this year. For those of you who currently use the Double and Triple Shot, I can tell you that the "Pro" series of lights has a more intense beam. Think of it as a piercing white light.