• Going race'n.

    It's a go. I am going to drive over to Blue Mound St. Park in WI for the WEMS race. Instead of doing the 12, I am going to hit up the 6 hour. The 6 hour will allow me to race at a faster pace, and do the event self- supported. The biggest reason for doing 6 instead of 12 is to keep the legs sharp for 24 Hour Nationals coming up very soon. The word on this course is that laps are to be in the 1 hour range and the course is to be pretty brutal with lots of rocks. That's cool! Afterall, it IS mountain biking. Check out some pics of the course! Primo!

    This morning I headed up to Camp Ingawanis to run through the scout bikes and make sure they are in proper working order with Buchanandale. After that it was about 20 miles of riding the local flavor to spin the legs out for tomorrow. Course is in pretty good shape accept for a few sections that are over grown. I think Buchanandale took some pics, so cruise over to his bloggy for some eye candy.

    The rest of the day is rest and prep. Bike are pretty much good to go, just need to swap out rubber and do some minor cleaning. Stay tuned for a race recap on Sunday.