• Coming Together.

    Things are falling into place for Nationals. My taper is right were I want it. Tuesday I did my last race'esque effort on the group ride. Wedensday I rested with no bike time at all. Thursday, I did half the group ride with a few efforts, then tempoed back into Cedar Falls with Buchanandale. My legs feel good. They are light and snappy. Word.

    Fresh from across the pond is the Triple and Double Shot Pro. Sloane and myself will be giving these prototype lights a beating at Nationals. Got to dig the stealth black look! They look like the normal Double and Triple Shot, but they are insane in the burn time and light output. Going to get some trial runs on these this weekend. Pictures to come.

    Got word that our clothing will finally be in our hands by the race. Should make Cannondale happy having their logo all over it. It's the least we could do to thank them for support'n us with the ideal tool to make a run at a National championship.

    So who will win Nationals? There are the favs: Chambers, Ross, Eatough, Hendershot, 'Goat, etc, etc, etc. The beauty about endurance racing is that ANYONE can win. He and She who balances Nutrition, Fitness, Equipment, Luck, and Pace will come away with the win. Only time will tell.