• 24-9 Aftermath.

    9 mile 1

    I feel pretty good today. I got about 10 hours of sleep last night, so it is all good. The way my body feels now is proof that I wasn't able to give a full 100%. I am a bit stiff, but nothing hurts like it normally does after a 24 hour effort. I am going to be back on the bike on Tuesday or Wednesday for sure.

    Now it's time to start gun'n for the next 24. I am currently looking at these 3 races...
    Kona 24
    24 Hours of Afton
    Landahl 24

    All 3 would be great to do, but $$$$ will ultimatly be the deciding factor. Right now, the Kona 24 is on the tops of my list. Need to get it figured out quickly.

    twin 6

    Got to give a huge shout out to Twin-Six for all their hoot-n-holler'n while I was on course. They are also responsible for the 2 pictures in this post. And what can you say about these special Mr. 24 t's? Too f'n cool!

    One last shout to Evan and Troy of Cannondale for coming up and rock'n the support truck. Nothing like having a full service mechanic on site to keep the gear roll'n. And yes, they had a Carbon Rush on the trailer in a size XL. For those of you keeping track it weighs in at 24 lbs. And, NO, none of us got to ride/race it.

    And coming soon....


    Team issue Ergon in a sweet shade of green!