• Weekend Goodness.

    Saturday was pretty uneventful. I worked the shop all day with A. Lo and Buchanandale. We were pretty busy, but not in chaos. I am sure the super primo weather kept most people outside enjoying the weather rather than sitting in a bike shop. Because I work all day, I used Saturday as my day off from the bike. No riding what so ever.

    On Sunday a bunch of us gravel-grinded up to Camp to ride to singletrack. There was a good crew that consisted of Buchanandale, MoJoe, Bidwell, Saul, Rob, and myself. We rode the race course a few times....in both directions. Made for a good time, and got us thinking of another event to put on up there. Can you say..."Marathon." We have been throwing around the idea of an event at the camp using all the singletrack and producing a 4 to 5 lap race with 10-13 mile laps. I am all game for that! Anywho, as to the ride on Sunday, we got in about 50 miles of tire turning time with about 4 hours of ass to saddle time. It was all good, and the trails up at camp are in freak'n sweet condition. I did not take my camera with me, cause i was doing some test runs with gear for the Marathon this coming Saturday. But, don't freak out, cause Buchanandale snap some pics and movie clips.

    With my new 40-40 training program (that's 40 oz. in 40 miles), I feel that I am able to take the overall GC at RAGBRAI this year.

    Time to start prep'n for the Marathon. I will get in a hard effort tomorrow night, and then the rest of the week will be pretty low key. This week also starts the fine tuning for 24 Nationals. Can you say "Rush meets road group rides." It's going to hurt. In fact, I might bleed out my eyes. But, I am ready for that, cause that's how 24 Nat's is going to roll.

    Time to spin the legs out a bit.