• Time for another 12.

    Prep for the Metro 12 Hour is pretty much complete. This AM I got in a good 40 mile tempo ride with a few hard intense bursts to keep the legs happy, and happy they are. Wahooooooo! That past week of very light...to no riding at all...has made a huge difference in my legs.

    Click on the movie to come along for the ride!

    Roll'n out of New Hartford heading East towards Cedar Falls.

    Swung by the shop to see if my supplies for the weekend showed up. New socks, and gloves were much needed, as my others there on their last leg. Also received a new shipment of fuel from Hammer and E-Caps. Hammer Bars, HEED, and a few other small items made up the order.

    Guitar Ted will agree, Hammer Nutrition is the shiznit!

    Now all I have to do is run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items, and then pick some stuff up at the shop. Check back on Sunday for a full race recap!