• Pop!

    So I did something Tuesday night that I have not done yet this year, and that was participate in a road group ride a few days after a 12 hour race. Since I felt good during and the days after the 12 Hours of Metro, I thought I would give it a shot. Well, that's what I did.

    I headed out at 4 PM on the Six13 and just spun around town and the park. My legs felt pretty good, but Getting up to a high speed was a bit of a chore. At about 5 PM I was craving food, so i swung by the apartment and picked up a Hammer Bar. While riding to meet the group at Birdsall Park I downed the bar and did a few short bursts.

    With temps in the high 70's the group rode north out of Cedar Falls...about 10 of us total. The pace was easy and lots of conversation was being had. Once we crossed Hwy 57, Kisch up'd the pace going up the first hill. I was the only one to stay with him, so we decided to make a brief run for it. We got away for awhile. Kisch was pulling at 28mph, but i could only maintain 25mph until the enternal burning hell would rear it's head in my thrashed legs.

    It wasn't long till the group was back together. We rode as a group till we got to the 3 tier climb going out of Finchford. My legs felt pretty good, so I launched an attack at 27 mph. I kept that pace till Kisch and Kruger flew past me at what appeared to be close to 30 mph. As I dropped some gear and stood to get back to them I pop'd! My legs were shot. I crested the hill and decided to call it a night. The rest of the group headed off to Janesville, while spun back to Waterloo.

    Here are the numbers from today's saddle time...
    Ride Time: 3 hrs, 18 min, 27 sec.
    Distance: 59.49 miles
    Average Speed: 17.9 mph
    Max Speed: 33.7 mph

    Let's just say that the next few days will be slow and easy. Need to let the legs simmer a bit.