• Goal Achieved!

    Last night was the last Mtb TT. We had primo weather which help setup the perfect course conditions to go sub 14 minutes on the 4 mile singletrack loop. With the 12 hour event being only about 5 days ago, full recovery was one of the only things that was going to hinder my performance. So to warm up the legs, I headed out at 4 PM to get in a few short hard efforts. I started with 5 sprints up Look Out Park Hill, then did some 30 second efforts through the Hartman Reserve side of GW State Park. After that I head to the trail head for the Green Belt and rode the entire length of the trail. Next up, I meet up with Buchanandale and we rode 2 laps of the TT course. This was the time when my legs started to fell alive and well.

    I was the first one off for the start of the event. The starting of the event was very shady. As I came to the line the event promoter just said go. I didn't know if he was serious or not...but he was. WTF! Well, that got the blood going. I jumped into the bingring and locked out the rear Fox RP3 and i was off. Peg'n the speed at 23mph I raged through the first have of the course. Not until I got to the first sharp right hand corner near HWY 20 did I get out of the big ring. With the rear still locked out, I countinued to push through the trail trying to stay as close to "red-line" as I could with out blowing up.

    Next up I came to the road section to get to the 2nd half of the course. There is more tight trail in this half of the course, so once I entered the trail I opened up all the suspension and pushed through. This was by far the fastest I have even ridden though here in the past few months. There was a few times where I about overshot a few corners. Exiting out of this portion of the course I fly back across the road. At this time I was at about 10 min. on the course. Next up was some rough grass sections and a small gradual climb up along Hwy 20. Here I once again opened up the suspension on the RUSH and began to give'r. I knew that the sub 14 minute time was close. I sucked it up and try to go as fast as I could. Taking risks and staying off the brakes for the later part of the course helped me to come into the finish at 13 minutes and 50 seconds. Yeah, I was Feel'n it!

    Below are the "official" results. Mtb TT will continue in the Fall.

    1. Jeff Kerkove 13:50
    2. Dylan Davis 13:56 (somone needs to get this kid a real bike!!!)
    3. Rob Houlihan 14:32
    4. Carl Buchanan 14:45
    5. Steve Bullerman 15:45
    6. Craig Engstrom 16:05 (tie)
    6. Jeff Slade 16:05 (tie)
    8. Chris Congdon 16:25
    9. Bill Allen 16:45
    10. Ron Saul 17:05
    11. James Warnke 18:25
    12. Mike Johnson 18:45
    13. Paul Buchanan 22:15