• Getting the itch again.

    As mentioned in earlier posts, this week has been pretty low key on training. I am sitting at about 3.5 hours so far for the week. Yesterday was even an unplanned day off from the bike, since it rained during the AM hours before work. It feels pretty good, to not ride every once an a while. I used to never take these mid-season refreshers, but since I started focusing on enduros in 2003, it has become a "must do" in order to make it till October.

    Tonight is a Thursday night group ride, which I am planning on maybe attending to blow out the carbon build up from the leg. I am sure it will hurt like hell since i have not done anything anerobic on the bike since last Saturday. Is supposed to near 90 degrees with crazy humidity. That means one thing...
    Lots and lots of sweating.

    Now I need to decided if I ride the Six13 or the Rush tonight. Hmmmmmmm? My legs will be the final verdict.