• Get'n Back In The Groove.

    Recovery from the 12 on Saturday is going really, REALLY well. I did not ride on Sunday, since it was a travel day back to Iowa. On Monday, I rode the Surly 1x1 to the shop and back instead of driving the Mazda. That was pretty much the extent of the recovery process other than eatting lots of food to get re-powered up.

    Today I might test the recovery process, and attempt to participate at the Tuesday night group ride. It will all depends on who shows up, and how over stimulated their legs might be. Either way, I expect the pace to be hard...as with all Tuesday night rides/sufferfests.

    Further fine tuning for 24 Nationals will also continue. 9 Mile is NOT a climbers course, but rather a course that will favor a rider who can sustain the highest and most efficient speed for the 15 mile laps. The big ring will be used a lot, and speeds will be stupid-fast. I can see opening speeds at this event starting at 25 mph's raging to the first singletrack section, and through the fireroad sections that come later in the course. What better way to prep than to get hauled around the Iowa countryside on the road bike by Cat 1, 2, and 3 roadies to get ready!

    Finally, I lust for one of these...

    Check back later for a possible group ride report.