• Freaks, Chill'n, and More Race'n

    Well, it's official. At the
    marathon last weekend I got 8th place. That's cool in my book. Like I said the other day, I got what I wanted out of it. Now it's really time to get things in line for Nationals. With 24 hour racing anything can happen and anyone can win. The race at Big Bear WV last weekend is proof of that. The guys I though would be 1-2-3 were not. Remember to always keep moving forward, cause you never know how the rest of the field is feeling.

    This week is an easy week for me. Think of it as a mid-season refresher. Most of my rides are 60 to 90 minutes in length and the intensiy is very low. It's time to recharge, cause most of my events for the rest of the year are 24's. My late June and July schedule looks like this...12 Hours of Metro, 6 or 12 Hours of Blue Mound, and 24 Hour NORBA Nationals.

    And now on to the freaks. We get those days at the shop from time to time were the customers walking through the door are fresh out of the Twilight Zone. I had a guy come into the store drunk and purchase a bike. During the bike sell he made repeted trips out the store to take a drink from his beer. He even tried to bring it in the store, but I had to tell him to leave it outside. This gentlemen even danced for me at the counter to the in-store music. And poor Bottke was forced to say a tongue-twister that the guy thought was difficult to say. Does it get much worse? Well, this guy is known for riding along a major 4 lane hwy in town and pick up bottles out the ditch. One other time he came in he was drinking out of one of these bottles he found. WTF?!

    And finally, I am now starting a Roommate Timer. Other than my sister, we have another guy who shares rent with us. He is a teacher at one of the local high schools. Well, other than teaching he does nothing but watch TV in 10 hr sessions and sleep. Thursday was the last day of school, so i have started a timer till he leave the property. As of this blog post he is at 5 days. Shoot me now!

    Time to get ready for an easy ride with B'dale. And my final words of advice....Don't forget to wear your bicycle helmet. It's inexpensive, light, simple, and very very effective!