• Feel'n It.

    The Cannondale demo truck was at the shop today from 10 till 2. Had a few folks swing by to test ride the Rush, Six 13, and the Synapse. The weather was great, and time flew by. Here are a few pics for the partial day.

    New for 2007, the 100% USA made System 6. A beautiful blend of carbon fiber and aluminum.
    The official weight of the bike: stupid light
    The price tag: in and around $4800

    The carbon stem. Damn!

    The ultra smooth point where carbon bonds to metal.

    The front of the bike in a lovely shade of nude carbon.

    And for good measure...how about some carbon brakes. Sweeeeet.

    Here is today's demo fleet of road rockets.

    "Did someone say 29er?"

    Buchanandale get'n all cozy and fresh with the Scapel.