• Clippings from the Editing Room floor.

    Thursday AM I can say that I actually got paid to ride my bike. The shop is producing a short commercial that will run on OLN and other channels during the month of July while the Tour is going on. The taping of the commercial started at 9 AM and ended about 4 hours later. After a few hill repeats, some singletrack, and even some motor pacing off the shop van we ended up with the footage needed to have Mediacom put the commercial together. Below are some pics from the taping session.

    Guitar Ted seen on something other than a 29er. Whoa!

    He also asked if he should oil up "his guns" for dramatic effect. They declined.


    Buchanandale did the honor of rock'n the RUSH for the mnt bike footage.

    Such a natural.

    Heading back to the shop after the shooting. Only 2 seats in the van, so we threw the "pro" in the back.

    The "How Not To Wear A Helmet" footage clip that didn't make the cut. This should be my "game face" at Nationals. Scary!

    Thursday night was also the group ride. All I can say is 27+ mph for most of the ride till Fry and Doug touched wheels south of Shell Rock and all hell broke loose on their respective bikes. I was cooked after that. Today ended up being a 100+ mile day with the photo shoot and close to 8 hours in the saddle. Did I mentioned I also worked at the shop for a bit. Todays down fall was that I was so busy that I didn't eat much, so my showing for the last 20 miles back into Waterloo was sub-par. The next few days will be very easy bike days. Buchanandale should have pics from the ride.