• 13:59

    13 minutes and 59 seconds. That time or anything below that is the goal for the final Mtb TT tonight. If the course is dry, and I can clean the course, it should be doable. I have been keeping the riding short since the 12 hour on Saturday. Mostly just 1.5 hour spinning rides out of the wind and on flat terrain. Last night my legs showed signs of being back to normal as I did some motorpacing intervals behind cars through GW. Sucking bumper at 25-30 mph on the road bike was pretty easy. Without a doubt, I have to thanks Recover-Ease for the product this year. Their product has cut recovery time in half. That's pretty amazing and ground breaking. The weather forecast is shappiing up to be nice, so the course should be primo. Stay tuned.

    The news ticker....tick, tick, tick...tick...tick, tick

    Don't forget about the Cannondale Demo tomorrow starting at 10 AM! If you purchase or order a Cannondale during the demo hours, you will receive $30 in store credit to pimp your ride.

    Landahl is a go!

    Next prep race for 24 Hr Nationals is the 4 hour Ponca Marathon. Goal here is to suffer...and suffer only. Result is not main goal.

    At the Branched Oak 12 Hour I ran the mens Ergons for 6 hours...and then the womens Ergons for 6 hours. I think I like the feel of the womens grips better. The difference between the two is the thickness. More to come.

    Epic ride at Camp on Friday and/or Sunday? Anyone, anyone?

    Ride you bike today. Make a goal.