• Holy Heatwave Batman!

    Its warm. As in 93 degrees warm with super moist conditions. I have even broken out some of my looser fit base layers to lounge around in as not to become a sweaty heap. Good thing the end of the nasty conditions end today.

    Speaking of today, I got back out on the mnt bike. Did a quick spin through Greenbelt on the singletrack before the rain moves in. About 1 hour total. My legs felt really good, after laying around all day yesterday and doing nothing but eatting and drinking tons of ice cold water. Tomorrow will be more of the same with some light riding. If all goes well, I will try to put in a hard effort on Thursday at the final Mtb TT.

    During the 12 hour race on Saturday night, i got to play around with some new products for the first time. Here are some quick notes on these products....
    The saddle is firm, but comfy. The back end of the saddle is like sitting in a bucket seat. I think I am going to come to like this saddle. My only minor suggestion at this time...the edges are too sharp.

    This is a fast rolling tire for it's size. The center knobs are ramped and roll smooth and quiet. This is one of the best cornering tires from Maxxis that I have ridden. What would this tire be like if it was a 1.95? My next few races will be on this tire, so stay tuned.

    I am loving these bikes. My previous bikes were XC bikes turned enduro bikes. The Rush is full on designed to race for 24 hours and then some. I like the longer wheel base, along with the more relaxed angles to give a more favorable endurance positioning. The bike is light an snappy for a 4.3 inch travel bike. The lockout on the Lefty is in easy reach of the left hand. If i could make one suggestion to the bike it would be to put on a Fox Float R instead of the RP3. Then add a remote handlebar lock out switch. I find my self either riding with the suspension totally on or fully locked out. So far so good though with this bike design. More to come later.

    Here are some other tidbits to end the post...
    I am registered for 24 Hour Nationals. Event specific training begins next Monday.
    Next event will be the Ponca Marathon in Ponca, NE. Anyone else going?
    I am doing one of these 2 races. Do I go to Landahl or Colorado? Or both!

    Don't forget the Cannondale Demo fool!