• Training Time.

    Just got back from the spin class at the YMCA. Today's class was a good kick in the junk. We had a new younger gal try to light our legs up. I made sure to keep my effort in check, cause if I would have gone 100%, I am sure those veins on the side of my forehead would have exploded into a bloody mess. That would not have been cool. During today's class Carl kept eyeing my HR monitor during efforts. He was wondering why mine was always 20 beats lower. It's because I am a freak of nature. That is why. Freak I tell you.

    That is not the only bike time today for me. Tonight at 5:30 I will head over to the HOP for some roller fun. From the sound of things, we might have a good group to saturate the shop floor. The more the merrier.

    Currently I am sitting at 18 hour weeks for total training time. That includes weights and bike time combined.

    Time to finish up my omelet, take a nap, then head to work.

    Top Secret Training Tip of the Day:
    Cooking with ELETE. I use the 16 oz. bottle of ELETE and add it to my post-workout meals. Add it to soups. Cook your pasta in it. Put it in your oatmeal. It's great, cause the flavor is nothing, and won't change the flavor of your meal. It's a great and easy way to replenish your electrolytes with out drinking 2 gallons of sports drink.