• Recover-Ease Announces 2006 Athlete Sponsorships

    Recover-Ease, a new science-based endurance athlete recovery supplement from TalMark Nutrition, LLC has announced the sponsorship of Pro Triathletes Desiree Ficker and Marcel Vifian for the 2006 season. In addition to the Pro sponsorship, the company also announced the selection of twenty-four amateur athletes who will compete as part of Team Recover-Ease in a variety of endurance events.

    The sponsorships of Ficker and Vifian are designed to give Recover-Ease exposure at the highest level of triathlon as both will compete in a variety of Ironman and 70.3 Series races. In addition to their race schedules, both athletes will promote the Recover-Ease brand at a variety of clinics and talks throughout the year.

    About the Athletes:

    Desiree “If it’s hurting me, it’s killing them!” Ficker (Austin, TX) – Desiree is a shining star on the Ironman circuit having recently made the switch from Olympic distance racing and duathlons. A new member of the renowned international Team Tri Dubai, and 2001 USAT Rookie Professional Triathlete of the Year, her recent accomplishments include:
    • 2nd place, Ironman Arizona, 2005
    • 2nd place, Ralph’s Half Ironman, 2005
    • 2nd place, Eagleman Half Ironman, 2005
    • 1st place, Capital of Texas Triathlon, 2005
    • 1st place, Treasure Island Triathlon, 2004
    In 2006, Desiree will compete at Ironman Arizona and several Ironman 70.3 races culminating her season with both the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship and the Ironman 70.3 Series Championship. “Recover-Ease has sped up my recovery time between my longer, more intense workouts. I take 4 capsules immediately following my training sessions and my legs are much fresher and my body less fatigued during my next workout,” said Desiree.

    Marcel Vifian (Park City, UT) –Marcel caught the Triathlon bug early at age 16 and has been a top competitor in the sport ever since. A member of the US Elite National Team since 1997, his recent pro highlights include:

    • 1st Place (new course record): Halfmax Triathlon, 2004
    • 2nd Place: US Professional Long Course Championships, 2004
    • 1st Place: Buffalo Springs Lake Half Iron Triathlon, 2055
    • 2nd Place: Timberman Half Iron Triathlon, 2005
    • 3rd Place: SOMA Half Triathlon, 2005
    Marcel started using Recover-Ease in the middle of his successful 2005 season and was amazed at his ability to “bounce back” from hard efforts. “Recover-Ease gives my training that ‘extra gear’ that I need to train and compete at the highest level” said Marcel. For 2006, Marcel is looking to dominate the Ironman 70.3 Series with six events on his schedule. He also plans on racing at Ironman Canada and at the Ironman World Championships.

    “We are excited to support two of the best in the sport of triathlon,” said Dr. Shawn Talbott, TalMark Nutrition Chief Scientific Officer and Recover-Ease product developer. “As a Triathlete myself, I am in awe of the dedication and physical prowess of the top athletes and I look forward to helping them succeed through providing a top recovery product to supplement their rigorous training regimes.”

    In addition to the pro athlete sponsorships, Recover-Ease is please to announce the amateur elite athletes that will be competing in a variety of endurance events around the country. Team Recover-Ease athletes will be on site to promote the product and distribute free sample packs. The athletes include:

    Bill Vickers (MD) – Triathlon/Adventure Racing/Running
    Mark Ingle (AL) – Triathlon

    Brian Smallwood (CA) – Triathlon

    Ron Tribendis (TX) – Triathlon

    Guy Tann (NM) – Mt. Bike

    Namarita Kumar (GA) – Adventure Racing/Mt. Bike

    Matt Hart (WA) – Adventure Racing/Mt. Bike

    Stephen Perkins (Canada) – Mt. Bike

    Sergiy Zubko (MD) – Triathlon

    Brian Sevall (CA) – Triathlon/Mt. Bike

    Roger Thompson (WA) – Triathlon

    Kevin Kozlowski (IL) – Triathlon

    Mike Vance (NY) – Triathlon

    Sally Speck (PA) – Triathlon

    Hugh Plumb (PA) – Triathlon/Endurance Auto Racing

    Dwight Shuler (NC) – Triathlon

    Teodoro Ramos (IL) – Triathlon

    Jeff Kerkove (IA) – Mt. Bike

    David Jones (TX) – Triathlon

    Eddie O’Dea (GA) – Mt. Bike

    Chris Puehler (MI) – Mt. Bike

    Rick Sedberg (AR) – Mt. Bike

    Lisa Wei-Hass (OK) – Triathlon

    Matt Dougherty (NY) – Triathlon/Adventure Racing

    To learn more about Recover Ease, go to www.recover-ease.com