• I Want More Wind.

    Headed out on a ride with some of the local cycling yahoo's. We started with 7, and finished with 5. Today's ride took us East to Dunkerton and then North to Denver, and then back to the 'loo. Something in the area of 4.5 hours for me with a hair over 60 miles. The reasoning for heading East first was because of the East wind blowing at around 18 mph. My 34x17 was perfect into the wind, but coming West with the wind at my back I was undergeared and spun my crotch to never-neverland. So without any more blah-blah-blah, here are some pictures.

    Heading east into the wind.

    Stilllllllll going.

    Then there was just 4 of us. At this point we are about 4 miles from Dunkerton.

    Once into Dunkerton we stopped at the Kwik Star to grab some food.....and watch JY play with the encased meat products. Why is JY wearing his shades in the store? Is it beause of the grease shining off the wieners?

    Super Saul happy to have his Gatorade finally.

    Remember, only 2 flats per person per day. I am happy to report we had no flats.

    Some of the local punks...err...kids, rock'n out in the candy section. This is were the classic Dumb and Dumber line came in handy...."Big Gulps hey. OK, by."

    JY gives todays ride a thumbs up.

    Here we have John rage'n. Look out 60+ Age Groupers at the Leadville 100. Someone is gun'n for a win.

    "Whatcha got there Super Saul?"

    Glub, glub, glub....BURRRRRRP!

    Yes, even Super Saul consumes the Hammer Gel goodness.

    My bike is part stone! All you Trans-Iowa V2 racers better pray for NO rain.

    That's a wrap. And off into the sun set we go.
    JY should have more pictures.