• Work'n the Bike.

    It's Thursday and the bike called my name. Needed to get in 3 hours. Mission accomplished! Got to the Y around 8. Did a half hour of warm up spinning, then moved into a muscle recruitment workout. Did 6 sets of 3 minutes on...5 minutes off. The workout forces you to put it in a harder gear than you are comfortable with and focus on even force thru the entire pedal stroke. You are pulling as much as you are pushing. HR is low, and RPM is slow. It's all about using every single muscle in your legs and butt.

    After this workout it was to the group spin class. Did a bunch of different work outs. Lots of high legs speed drills where I focused on breathing, keeping the knees in, and not bouncing. I think I was the only one NOT bouncing. The instructor looked like she was sitting in one of those low-rider cars that hop down the road. You know what I mean. The instructor also added in some more power oriented work. It was a pretty good spin.

    After the workout I need some more bike time, so I moved back upstairs and got on the spin bike in the fitness room. Nothing hard here. Just tempo work with a HR of 150ish. Presto! 3 hours. Legs feel good. Tomorrow will be weights, and either an outside ride or spinning at the YMCA.

    Jan. 1 I will start to ramp it up a bit on the bike. Time to gear up for the Ouachita-Challenge. Most of my bike workouts will be at the House of Pain. If you live local, this is the place to be for indoor suffer-fests!

    In other news...

    G-Ted got a new frame.

    Trans-Iowa V.2 registration opens on Saturday.

    My car is still doomed to the driveway.

    Europa X-Mas kegger is Saturday night. Who want's to be my date? Be forewarned...you might have to see my boss's workshop....and old bikes...and if you are really lucky, his attic of vintage stuff.

    I say Trans-Iowa V.2 fills up in less than 2 hours.

    That's all.