• Sub-Par Blogging

    'Tis the season, when not much is going down in the world of endurance racing. Pretty much everyone is doing the same thing. That is...getting training and 2006 races nailed down. The same goes for me. It's the same ole thing pretty much in 4 week blocks. Do I get tired of it? Nope. It's good change of pace to be able to get in the gym instead of sitting on a bike saddle for hours upon hours. Right now things are coming along great! I am so pumped for the 2006 season it is not even funny. I can't sleep at night, because I am thinking of a few key races. Yeah, I know...I am sick and need help. Oh well. Atleast I am happy.

    So since there is not much to blog about, I am going to continue my sub-par blogging and go back into random mode.

    Random Mode: ON

    I see my Cateye Enduro team manager, D.A., got some photo love on Cyclingnews.com. There is a photo here.

    There is still a bit of a shake-up in the 2006 sponsorship game. I am not going to disclose any info in public yet, but you'll all know soon. Yes, I am still with Cateye Enduro.

    Cannon-Carl likes his hot chocolate. If you want to beat him in a race just throw some of the warm choc. beverage in the woods. I bet he goes after it.

    Ever wanted to be a sponsored rider? I suggest you read THIS.

    We got our Adidas clothing in at the shop. I am pretty picky about cycling clothing, and I must say that this stuff looks GOOD! Check it out. Don't forget about the early bird sale this Sat. from 7 bells to 9 bells. Carlitos-Lefty will be there to spread the word on the "Big-C"

    A heat wave is forcasted for Saturday and Sunday. Talks of highs in the mid-30's. Sweet! I am going out sans leg warmers and arm warmers to work on my so-pro tan lines...errrr...no I won't cause I have them all year 'round.

    In the General Discussion forum on MTBR.com there are a bunch of threads started that go something like this..."How do you feel..." Some of them are hilarious!

    My Mazda Protege 5 sits at the bottom of the driveway. Why you ask? Cause there is so much snow and ice on the driveway that the low profile hoops can't get there grip-tion on. So, it sits idle as I commute to work via the Surly 1x1 in temps of -5 to 5 degrees. I need to get it up and out of the driveway soon, cause I am about out of food.

    OK, that is it. Laundry is done. After laundry, it is off to work. Them in the AM it's off to the YMCA for spinning. Hopefully it is not -16 degrees out, like this AM, when I walk to the Y.

    Random Mode: OFF