• Smoooooooooth

    Smooth. That is the one word that describes my pedal stroke right now. Whether it is at high rpm or during a muscle tension interval, the power to the pedal is consistant all the way around. Right now I feel really good on the bike. I just have to make sure that I keep my workouts short and to the point for the most part. I want to make sure that I am still going strong by mid-October. And really need to make sure I am flying in late July for 24 Hour Nationals in Cheese-consin.

    Speaking of strong...
    I wish I had a road bike with a power tap on it. I would love to train via watts instead of heart rate. Training by power output seems to be the way to go now days. The only down fall is it is out of my price range. Maybe Cateye should think about coming out with some type of power meter. That would be cool. Hint. Hint. Hint.

    Not much else going on today. I am heading into work at 3 PM, and will spend most of the evening doing tunes on DH skis. A lot of customers droping that stuff off, cause they are heading to CO for some powder.

    Speaking of powder...
    The snow is almost gone here in Waterloo/CF. The temps had been above freezing during the day for the past week and a half. Not too much longer and everything will be sloppy and brown.

    One last thing. There is a ride planned for New Years Day. We are leaving Pfeiffer Park in CF at 10AM for some gravel. Bring you cx bike, mnt bike, or recumbent with plow. Food stops planned. Estimated ride time is 3-5 hours. Dress smart!

    Time to eat some egg whites. Mmmmmmmm, protein.