• Random Thoughts From The Arctic.

    Good Monday to everyone. As I sit here and type up this blog entry it is a swealtering -9 degrees F outside. That would earn any Trans-Iowa V.2 racer bonus points for training out in it. Speaking of Trans-Iowa V.2, you should see the online discussion going on. This race is going huge again in 2006. People cannot wait. G-Ted and myself have the hard stuff nailed down. We still have to re-drive the route, and get the stuff-sack sponsor set in stone, but that won't take much....I hope.

    Last week a few pairs of Diadora cycling shoes were dropped off at the shop for Buchanandale and myself to try on to get an idea as to sizing for our kicks for the 2006 season. For me, I am going to go with the Team Racer MTB Carbon. The shoes fit really well. I have been a user of Shimano shoes the past 5 years, and have nothing bad to say about them. These Diadora shoes seem to be a bit more thought out. The sole, versus the Shimano's, is a bit more ergonomic. Same goes for the heel cup. It form fits the bottom of the foot like a glove. Once I get some time in these I will post the highs and lows if there are any. Another interesting note is the fact that since we have had them at the shop we have showed them to some consumers walking in the door. There has been some interests. I think we could get 4 pairs or so out the door to some of the hard-core folks.

    Time to get ready to go pump some iron and do some light cardio. T-minus 3 months and change till the Ouachita Challenge. I wonder if I'll have my new equipment by then? Yeah, I am stress'n.

    Are you racing Trans-Iowa? Do you want to volunteer some of your time? Contact me if you want to volunteer.