• Polar Bear Club Ride.

    Hello sun. Would you like to tag along with the group and keeps us nice and toasty warm on this early AM ride?

    4 of us saddled up for some morning gravel run. Temps were hovering around 19 degrees as we headed north out of Waterloo.

    It's only December, and the ditches are already full of snow. That is NOT a good thing.

    The pose heads north towards Janesville, as I slip back to snap a Kodak moment.

    "Hey, you want to see my secret dismount exercise for cyclocross success in 2006?"


    "Sorry, I know no tricks. But I do have big wheels."

    Yielding (more pics on JY's site) and Fox bring'n up the rear heading back south to the 'loo

    To top off the ride we tried to ride the bike path back into town. Well, 5 inches of hard snow made it a bit difficult.

    "Today's ride was great. I sure wish we would have scored a deer. And, yes, my Trek jacket is vintage."

    "Does this helmet make my butt look big?"

    After the ride today, I was at the shop till 5 PM with Buchanandale. Here we see Buchanandale demoing his 2006 sponsors product.

    After riding sponsor product, why not read about sponsor product.

    Ron Saul stopped by the shop while out getting some chamois time in. With the sudden change in temperatures, Ron's bike decided to take a crap on the shop floor. Ron, you need to potty train your bike.

    If you get snow, you sell thru your xc ski stock...IN ONE DAY! Have to re-order on Monday. Hurry Russ! Hurry!