• Monday...Ho Hum.

    Not much going down today.

    Went to the YMCA for MS weight lifting. Did 30 minutes of stairmaster followed by about 2 hours of lifting. After the lifting it was 45 minutes of stairmaster. Went alittle hardcore today on the 'master. Cranked it up to level 18 on a scale of 20. Felt good, and the breathing was under control. The worst part is the balls of my feet started to get a bit numb. Is that bad?

    Rest of the day is a piece of cake. Going to walk to work. Deposit my pay check. Walk home from work. Go to bed.

    Tomorrow is my recovery/day off. I will be in Des Moines all day at Trek University with the Europa clan. Should be a fun filled day of belching, dirt jokes, and Trans-Iowa V.2 discussion. Well, atleast everything but the belching and dirty jokes. I can't wait to learn everything there is to know about Trek's '06 line up. [sigh.]