• Lets see...

    ...where was I? Oh yes. It's snowing again. Not just a little, but a crap load...the mother load...too much, too much. There is enough snow on the ground and forecasted to fall that some of the schools have closed down for the day. Should be a fun commute into the shop. No need to drive since the car is DOA in the icy driveway of doom. So I will saddle up on the Surly 1x1 for the commute of good times.

    Earlier this AM I meet up with Buchanandale for some saddle time at the YMCA. Got there early at spun out some base for about 1 hour. After that it was time to go downstairs to sweat to the oldies in the spin class. We had a new instructor who was a bit too chipper. You know she is not working very hard when she can talk/yell at us while in the middle of a leg speed drill. I should start a spin class. Wonder what I should call it? How about Spin with Mr. 24 Till Your Eyes Bleed. I bet it would be a one time class and no one would come back. Either way, I got what I needed out of today's bike time. The weather looks to be warming up to about 30 degrees for Sat and Sunday. I am planning on finally getting outside for some singlespeed fun.

    Random Mode: ON...again.

    I just did an online interview with Ashwin of the Team MWC-FTJ-NGT blog. He is going to starting posting interviews up on his blog of pro racers...errr....fast bike racers. Right now, there is an interview with Nick Martin. Look for yours truly in the near future.

    Photo flashback from the Japan Mighty Duro 24

    Sitting back and waiting on the sponsorship deals to come thru is the most stressful part of racing. See previous post.

    I got the new Velonews yesterday. Good to see that Arm Livestrong guy on the front cover...for the 300 time in the last 10 years or so.

    Is it time to race yet?

    OK, lets see a show of hands. How many people know what it feels like to have exposed face flesh flying thru the air on a bicycle with a balmy wind chill of -15 degrees F? What? Nobody? OK, then G-Ted was right about me.

    I am addicted to Green Tea.

    If you CLICK HERE, you can see who my competition will be when I do the Ouachita Challenge in late March down south in Arkansas.

    That's it. I swear.

    Random Mode: OFF...hopefully for the last time.