• I don't grunt.

    That's right. I don't grunt when I lift. I don't lift enough, and I have nobody to impress. So, I just lift away in my own little world thinking about this race. Right now, everything is on track. New gear should be showing up soon and sponsors should be announced. It's an exciting time of the year and I am soooooo pumped.

    Hopefully today the folks down in Arkansas get my registration for the Ouachita Challenge. There is still 154 places available in the race, so I am not too worried. I so want to win this event, and I think I can. Today during my 30 minute cool-down stairmaster session I was running throught this race in my brain matter. Hopefully it works out like I think it might. Right now there is 4 of us heading down. The freaks on the New-Mart team are coming down from Minne-apple-us and picking me up on the way down. It should be a good time. New Mart guys should be flying since they are planning on hitting the 24 Hours Old Pueblo in late Feb.

    Saturday is supposed to be 31 glorious degrees! I am so going out on a ride. I am heading out at 8 AM and leaving from Pfieffer Park. Looking to hit up some gravel if the wind is calm enough. I hate having to deal with wind chills. Any and all are wlecome. It's a LSB ride. Or better known as Long-Slow-Base.

    After the ride it is off to the shop to control the ravenous shoppers who will stopping by to partake in the X-Mas Sale. I hope I don't get trampled. I am not that big.

    I forgot to mention yesterday, but I bunny-hopped the spin bike at the YMCA. It was cool! I got about 1/4 inch or air. Buchanandale thought I was going to get his butt fired. I would have to ride the spin bike through the window for that to happen. Do you know how hard it is to bunny hop a Schwinn spin bike with a 50 lb fly wheel on it? You should try it.

    Also, G-Ted updated the Trans-Iowa V.2 website with start times, cut off times, and mileage. Should help those in planning.

    I will leave you with this...

    Cateye has their new HR monitors up on their site. Check them out. They are packed with loads of value. At $80 and $100, the features you get are priceless. I am running MSC-HR10 and have had no problems yet. I love the feature where it tells you a percentage of HR. It's pretty handy for a quick glance at the monitor then you can get back to your work out. It's simple and that is good when the workout should be most important.

    Get out and ride your bike yo!