• Here it comes again.

    As I type this, the weather man is going nuts on the radio saying that we I-wee-gens here in the eastern part of the state are in for another 2-4 inches of satans dandruff.....err....snow. That is great. Might as well get an ass load of it since it is here to stay till mid to late Feb.

    This morning when I walked to the YMCA it was a balmy -5 degrees F. My nose hairs were freezing, and the cold NW breeze was causing my eyes to tear up. That then formed ice chunks on my eye lashes. Geez.

    The YMCA was the some-ole, same-ole. 30 minutes on the stairmaster to warm up followed by 1 hour 45 minutes of weights, then followed by another 30 minutes of stairmaster. It was all good as always. The most painful session today was the 3 sets of 75 situps with a 35 lb plate stuck to my chest. I thought I was going to blow chunks. But, have to work on those core muscles. Things are coming along just fine in the MS phase. For some reason the "Y" seemed a bit slow today. Was it the weather? Who knows.

    Got back home and slammed an egg-white omlet and then hit up cup....after cup...after cup....after cup of warm green tea. Mmmmmm, just what the doctor ordered to soothe those sore muscles.

    Some reason one of the dogs found me to be rather entertaining today. While I was in the kitchen preparing post work out food, Bella, showed the signs of needing some attention.

    Jump, Bella, jump.

    Play dead.

    Speak. Speak I say.

    Bust a move.

    Be a lazy ass.

    It's good to see the dog listens to me. Oh well.

    The rest of the day included what every cool person does on friday....laundry. Then I took all the sponsor logos and make a image rotation javascript out of them so they don't take up so much space. It's working on my computer. How about yours?

    This weekend is shop time. Saturday and Sunday will be Enduro Days at Europa. Why you ask? Cause it is Carlitos and myself hold'n down the fort.

    For those of you in the Cedarloo area, there are some new coupons on the Europa website. One is for some free stuff, and the other to cut you a deal on spin class shoes. Speaking of the YMCA, I wonder if anyone that "gets their workout on" at the YMCA reads this blog? Speak to me.