• Get'n my spin on.

    Today is/was cardio day for me. Today is also December first. That means that bike time is starting to become more important. For the month of December I am going to be getting the body ready for the intense sessions to come in the months of Jan and Feb. So I headed to the YMCA about 8 AM and did 1 hour of stairmaster. After the 1 hour session, I switched into the Cateye team bibs and hit up the spin class. There wasn't too many of us, but it was people that I know thru the shop. There was some structure to the workout with some 1-3 minute intervals. But instead of going all out in a huge gear like everyone else I just opted to work on leg speed for those intervals. I was a good workout and the legs feel quick. That is good. Now, I have to get C-Dale Carl to join in the sweaty fun. Spining will be a daily activity now.

    In non-cycling news...
    We got more snow last night. Most of the schools were delayed this AM. Hard to believe that it's only December 1st an we already have this much snow. At this rate it's going to be a looooooong winter........sigh.

    The view from the deck of Casa de Mr.24

    Oh, the poor Mazda.

    The official Mr.24 snowfall measurement is 4.5 inches. And, my camera does suck Noonan. I am not afraid to admit that.