• Crazy Saturday!

    I have only been up for about 45 minutes, and already today has taken an interesting twist. I check my e-mail, and in my In-box is 7 Trans-Iowa V.2 race confirmations. WHAT THE CRAP!!!! Registration is not supposed to open till 1 PM CST. So, I bolt over to Active.com and it was on. Not sure how that happened. Might be a ball-up at Active. I told them to have registration open up at 1 PM CST. They said that they would take care of it. Well, somehow in the mix of last night, registration went online. A few people got lucky and logged on...then registered. Next thing I see is the fact that registration was open was posted all over MTBR.com. Not good! Good thing it is early in the AM and not a lot of people saw/figured it out.

    Those of you that got in...you're lucky.

    For the rest of you...Registration WILL open at 1 PM CST / 11 AM PST

    I am off to the YMCA for a bike workout and then work and then the Europa X-Mas Party.