• Base Miles

    I spent 2 days of doing nothing training oriented because of the holiday weekend. Most of the time was spent sitting in a car traveling from A to B, and then from B back to A. Two days was enough for me to spend most of my Monday on the singlespeed for some gravel miles. Today was kind of an early season endurance ride. Today's ride took me to Parkersburg, Allison, Shell Rock, Waverly, and back to Waterloo. The total time was a hair over 5 hours and I would guess 80ish miles. He are some pictures that I snapped on route.

    With all the snow, it's hard to tell where the field ends and the sky starts.

    With all the warmer temps over the past 3 days, the gravel roads are about 90% clear of snow. Now it is like riding thru peanut butter.

    Right or left?

    Stopped in Allison for some nutrition. 16¢ gets you 2 b'nanas in these parts.

    Not sure what to think about this little guy.

    The rolling hills of the Parkersburg area.

    Took along an empty hydration pack today and filled it wth 2 extra bottles, and warm clothes just in case. Need to get ready to carry this pack, cause my first 2 events will require a pack for a successful finish.

    Hello Mr. Ed.