• Attacked by Emu's

    With the sudden emergence of warm weather, I had to get out. It was a balmy 22 degrees when I headed out at 7:10 AM. The goal for the AM was to meet up with whom ever would answer my call for a ride, then head el norte on gravel for some good time ride'n. Well, only one person showed and that was Mike Fox. So at 8 AM we headed out for some gravel...err...snow...err...gravel...err....snow. Yeah, that's it. Snow.

    With the warm weather it didn't take long for the city street to start gunking up the bike. The only working item of the day happen to be a singlespeed. A marvelous tool for crap conditions.

    Yeah, there is a bottom braket in there some place.

    Mike and myself heading north out of Waterloo by the airport. The gravel roads are 100% snow covered. There is no exposed gravel. If it wasn't for the farm houses, you wouldn't be able to see the road since the fields to ditch to road to ditch to field is all the same amount of level snow.

    Here is about 5 miles out of town.

    Here is about 10 miles out of town. Pretty exciting huh?

    Later we came upon a flock of killer emu's. No, not these EMU's, but rather the ones in the picture. I say killer, because they mimic'd our every move. Scary!

    Were the killer emu responsible for this deer slaughter. Or was it Deer Slayer?

    We got about 3 hours in this AM before I had to get back into town for work. The temps were just cold enough to start to effect the comfort level in the feet.

    It was a good ride. Looking to do the same on Sunday. For those interested we are heading out at 8 AM from Pfieffer Park in CF. Looking to get over to the New Hartford hills.

    On a side note. Here is the course profile for my first event of the year, the
    Ouachita Challenge. My registration was confirmed last night. Wahoo!

    Also...here is the
    DeFeet Woolie Boolie. Hands down, the best sock for cool weather riding. It's ultra warm, wicks the wet stuff, and is thin for fitting in those cycling shoes. This is one of those items I am happy to spend my hard earned money on.

    Finally, the interview I did with MWC, FTJ, NGT Blog is up for your reading pleasure. I have to give a shout out to Ashwin for putting together a good read.