• Announcement of new Nutrition Sponsor.

    This just in! I have just signed a 1 year contract to use, test, and promote the new recovery based supplement called Recover-Ease. This will be a new area of nutrition for me. There are numerous aides out there to help athletes recover, but this one looks to have great promise! Just look at these numbers...

    upplementation with Recover-Ease has shown:
    • 52% reduction in Fatigue
    • 51% reduction in Muscle Soreness
    • 38% increase in Energy
    • 24% boost in Mental Function
    • 20% boost in Immune Function
    • 16% increase in Overall Mood
    • 5-day faster return to normal training

    These numbers conclude that, adequate recovery is important for competitive athletes, not only for the obvious benefits of being able to train and compete at a higher level, but also for the less obvious benefits of protecting the athlete from overtraining, illness, and injury.

    So, starting in a few days, this supplement will be a staple in my training nutrtion. As with all my sponsor products, I will give you the reader proper feedback on the results of this product. If it works great, you'll hear it from me. If it is not up to my standards, you will also hear it from me. I don't believe in pimping products that don't work.

    Hope everyone is/was having a great Holiday Season!