• Windy Hell

    After the weight lifting session this AM, I headed out for a ride to work in some more base. Carl joined me for what would be a pretty epic ride into a 25-30 mph sustained NW wind. Thank God the temps were sitting around 50 degrees, or the wind chills would have been dangerous. Speaking of the weather, this looks to one of the last days of outdoor riding for awhile since the high for the next 3 days is like 25 degrees F. Better get out and enjoy it while I can. If I would have missed today I would kick myself in the middle of Jan.

    We went for a ride on the surface of the moon today.

    Throw in loose gravel and a nasty head wind and you have ideal Trans-Iowa V.2 conditions.

    Swiss National Champ stomp'n up the roller.

    Stomp up the roller...coast back down.

    Here is the view that my knee see's during the ride.

    Carl was a bit overdressed today. Better safe than sorry I guess.

    Yep, he's over dressed. And he listens to too much Quiet Riot.

    Stopped for a quick snack in New Hartford. The hotdogs on the rollers......yeah......the hotdogs. We'll just forget about those. We opted for a granola bar.

    More moon shots.

    Time for work.

    And for you local yahoo's...
    There is a mnt bike / cyclocross ride starting from behind Bike Tech at 9 AM on Thanksgiving day.