• When Wiener Dogs Attack.

    Let me first start by saying that wiener dogs are the devil. These dogs have no heart or soul. What kind of dog makes a bunch of cyclist go anerobic during a base ride? I'll tell you.

    On one of our more hilly gravel loops there is a farm house at the farthest point from home. At this farm house reside 7 or so identical weiner dogs. Thes dogs chase like crazy. For the last 2 weeks we have not seen them. We have ridden by this farm ...and no dogs. Today was different, and I had my camera to document the whole thing. The funny part was me...riding down the center of the road one handed on a singlespeed spinning at what seemed like 150 rpm and snapping pictures. Needless to say Carl and myself both had to stay onthe gas to keep these little S.O.B's from nip'n at our heels.

    Oh, crap.

    Go Carl Go! I though Carl wasn't going to make it. The dogs came from both ditches in a well thought out attack.

    These things run so fast that their legs are a total blur.

    No doggy no!

    This was cutting it close. 3 of the 7 dogs took after me like I was Kibbles-N-Bits. Good thing they never got within distance of sink'n their little teeth in me.

    Other than the dogs, the ride was good. Had to push alittle wind on the way home, but that is no big deal. The wind is our mountains.