• "We are under attack!"

    The apartment is under attack! With the recent run of 60-70 degree temps the Asian Beetle (a.k.a Lady Bug) population has taken up residence in our living room lamp. This is the cream of the crop. There is a "order" here. After sitting and watching these bugs over run our apartment I have figured out what beetle does what. Here is my evaluation...

    This is the "loner" beetle. After sitting and watching this guy, I figured out that he was left out of the colony. There is not another beetle within 30 feet of this guy. The other things that led me to believe this guy hangs alone is the empty beer cans, cigarette butts, and non-stop mumbling. Poor guy.

    Here is the colony. When I took this picture there was only 4 sitting here. But, as time went on, they began to swarm. I was attacked! Here is what I gathered before I blacked out...

    1. This is the "guard" beetle. Pretty simple to see what this guy does. He stands guard. I am sure this one alerted the colony of my snooping.

    2. This is the "Master of the Custodial Arts" beetle. Lots of cleaning being done by this guy. It's like he is trying to cover up the fact that they have taken over the lamp.

    3. This is the "Queen" beetle. She says jump...then rest listen. Simple as that.

    4. These 2 beetles have grave yard duties. They move and dispose of the dead beetles that fall into the base of the lamp shade. Looks to be a crappy job.

    Hopefully, we have a bit cooler weather move in so these things go back into hibernation. Too many more warm days, and they might take over the computer. Ahhhhhhhh!

    In non-beetle news...
    I went and got my pass to the YMCA. It is good for all the fitness room and free weights from November to the end of March. I can't wait for those 3 hour stairmaster sessions...FEEL THE BURN!!!

    Went for a 2 hour mnt bike ride through GW again. New single track is burned in very nicely. We are doing some work on Sunday morning. Check out JY's site for the 411.

    Stopped by the shop on the way to the YMCA to pick up my winter training clothing. Craft makes some sweet gear. Other than Pearl Izumi, it's the only cycling spcific clothing I will pay good money for. I use Craft base layers at just about every event. If you look at my header picture you can see me flying THIS fine piece of Craft wear in a nice shade of black. Here is what I ordered...

    Gore Wind Stop Thermal Bike Jacket

    That is all for today. Saturday is a full day at the shop. Sunday will be trail work followed by working at the shop.

    After realizing that I just posted about beetles and their habits, I really need to start my off season training. That starts Monday with the first phase of weight lifting.