• Trans-Iowa Clone

    That's what today is...a clone of the weather we had last year at Trans-Iowa. The skies are blue. The temps are about 45-50 degrees. And to top things off the wind in blowing out of the North at a sustained 30-40 mph. Oh, joy! It's too bad it's not closer to race day, cause I would be out there riding straight into it.

    Instead of riding, I went to the YMCA for another day of my first phase of weights. Felt really good today and the gym routine is starting to flow smooth. This first phase...the AA phase(clicking on this will download a Word file)...is light weights to get the body ready for what is to come in Dec, Jan, and Feb. This phase is a bit embarassing at times. For example, I am doing chest presses at 75 lbs. I get done and this chick moves in at starts throwing around 150 lbs like it's nothing. Yeah, I am sure she could hurt me. But oh well. Everybody has there own reasons to lift a specific weight. I know what mine are.

    I see that I am now one of Carl's sponsors. Must be because I float him all this old equipment like brakes, tires, bikes, etc.

    This is for all you Monkeytron fans out there. Thanks Kyle.

    That's all for today.