• Trail Build'n Freak!

    Ok, for some reason my ISP is retarded. In the matter of 3 days the Internet has gone from working...to not working....to working.....to not working. It sucks, cause I am trying to send design proofs back and forth, and have contact with people outside of shouting distance. So as of this moment the ISP has it's head on straight and is functioning. We'll see how long this lasts.

    So yesterday, since it was like 70 degrees...and I had the day off, I headed out with Carl to work trail in GW. We are trying to establish a complete loop and close down any stupid trails that serve no purpose. Plus, with all the chit-chat about a 6/12 hour event coming to town we need to get a loop that is not going to make people dizzy. Here are some pictures that I stole from Carl's site without permission...

    Yeah, so here is me getting my "rake on."
    And for all you that think there are no trees in Iowa...
    Look at the picture.

    And here is Carl playing with a hoe...er...a garden hoe.
    Go Carl! It's your Birthday! Go! Go! Go!
    Heeeeey! Hooooooe!

    And finally me doing something stupid.
    I should have had Carl use is Jedi mind powers to move this tree.
    We just left it.

    So we pretty much cleaned all the trail out on the North side of the Cedar River. Lots of snipping and raking. There are still a few sections that need some major weed wacking. That will have to wait till Sunday. In case you didn't know...trail work is going down on Sunday in the AM. Check out JY's blog-of-fun for the 411.

    So if yesterday was trail building...today was trail riding. 3 freek'n hours of it. I went out and met up with Carl and we burned in the new trail. We rode most of the new stuff and then gave our 2¢ on what would be a good endurance course. We found one, just have to run it by the guys putting on the show.

    I really should keep the riding low and get in the gym, but when we are have 60-70 degree weather in November there is no way I am going to park my ass inside the YMCA. Hope to get some easy mnt biking in the rest of the week.

    Oh yeah, got a bit of T.I. love from the guys at Surly. Check it!

    And THIS should never be forgotten. This is classic Americana. This is for you G-Ted.

    I know all of you wish you were MAC OS X users. It's just a fact of life, but not everyone can have it. So to get those sweet little "widgets" for you Mac or PC CLICK HERE.