• Todays Workout Stats.

    Cardio on the Stairmaster.
    Time: 2 hours
    Nutrition Consumed: Three 20oz bottles of water and ELETE
    Average HR: 150 bpm
    Post workout nutrition: 20 oz. of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein in Cookies-N-Cream
    Results: I ended up a sweaty heap and the stairmaster looked worse than I did.
    Stupid Comment of the Day: "Did you just get back from a warm climate? Your tan lines, they are pretty extreme." comment from an anonymous YMCA member.

    Rest of the day will be shop time. I need to get the Surly 1x1 ready for gravel grinding base miles. I am going to mount up some fatty Maxxis ADvantage tires to give a bit more resistance on the soft gravel. The weather we are getting right now is perfect for epic base mile rides...raining/snow, 33 degrees, light wind, grey skies.

    God I love Iowa.