• Sunday Morning...More Base

    This morning I headed out with Citron Rob and Robert Fry for some early season base. 3 freaks on bikes + 50ish or so miles of gravel + one cheap ass digital camera + one dead deer carcas = this blog posting. Enjoy.

    Citron Rob rides a Fisher 29er. Because of this he dwarfs us all.

    Robert Fry putting his VooDoo to shame.
    Notice the extreme elevation in the background.

    Citron Rob leading us into the wind.

    This time of year, the roads are less traveled. So, we pretty much have control of the entire road.

    Not sure what Citron Rob is doing here. Maybe this is when he reached into his crotch area to grab the Power Bar he said he was "warming up"

    What the hell is so funny?
    Oh, I know...It's your rear rack and bag. Right?
    Just kidding.

    Citron Rob trying to attack.

    Rob, I see you...and your 3rd eye.

    Robert Fry thinking about attacking on a base ride? It never happened. If it would have Citron Rob and myself would have stopped and watched him ride off while pointing and laughing.

    Citron Rob trying to explain why 29er wheels are better. Then he started rambling about how to keep Powerbars near your nether regions to keep them from getting hard. What?

    Citron Rob. Ladies man. Loving father. Power Bar consumer. Deer slayer.