• So this is training...

    Happy Friday! The reason it's a Happy Friday is because of these 2 reasons.

    1. It's 65 degrees out and sunny.
    2. I have the day off from work.
    So what did I do for most of my day? I trained for the 2006 season. It went a little some'tin like this...
    Got up around 6 AM. Thundered down some coffee. Ate some Cream of Wheat sweetened with Hammer Gel. Ran to the YMCA. While at the YMCA I went through another day of AA weight lifting. After the weights I came home. Sent out some e-mails. Then hopped on the NRS for some fun in the woods. Here are some pictures...

    The all important profile shot.

    Cruise'n down the trail towards Cedar Falls. I am coming back from riding the Greenbelt down to Hudson.

    "Untitled" by Jeff Kerkove

    Alittle FOX fork love

    Once I got back up to Cedar Falls, I hit up the single track in GW State Park. Only one other mnt biker out there. Some dude rage'n on an old 1980ish Ross with 50 inch tree clipper bars wearing blue jeans, fleece jacket, and of course...no brain bucket. Brilliant!

    After riding thru GW I swung by the shop to see if the Brown Santa or FedEx dude dropped anything off. Nothing came in today. But, I was entertained for about 45 minutes by these yahoo's!

    I think Guitar Ted has a theme song that always plays in his head at all times. It's not always a certain song, but rather all songs by Twisted Sister. Here is the proof.

    Hmmm, Cannondale or Raleigh?

    How about a kick ass blue schwinn tandem Carl?

    Later on Guitar Ted and Carl decided to get in some training on work hours.

    Gutar Ted dropped Carl like a bad habit. I think Carl's aero positioning is all messed up. We need to get him in the Europa Wind Tunnel out back ASAP!

    Guitar Ted needed to replace all those calories he burned so he hits up the new Europa Team Issue Nutritional Distribution Machine. It has 8 different varieties of nutrition. Plus it swivels. Sweeeeeeeeet.

    Then I left to come back to the pad. But I had to wait for this freak to get pass the door. Lets see here. Black trench coat...check. Black leather pants...check. One pair of blood red Chuck Taylors....check, check. Super scary haircut...check. Unidentified weapon...errrr, check? Scary! I have also came to the conclusion that this scary dude looks like the new guy in Metallica. Am I right?
    See, I told you. Now that is wack!

    What a good day. Looks like the weather will be changing pretty fast here in Eye-O-Way. Talk'n snow next Tuesday.

    And finally for you Trans-Iowa freaks...Course is mapped out this weekend by Ted. He'll be cross'n the State on Saturday.

    Almost forgot! There is a mountain bike race this weekend in Decorah. It'll be a doozy! Yeah, and it's at night. Brilliant! Check it out fool!