• Quickie

    Started the MS (max strength) phase today at the YMCA. Nothing like lifting huge weight and a slow pace to make you wake up. Got through the entire workout with out bust'n a nut. Bonus. Tomorrow will be some cardio work. Have to make sure I don't get too big.

    Saw Carl at the YMCA getting ready to start his duties as Basketball Court Riot Coordinator. He figured it out....get a PT job at the "Y"....get a free membership. This evil plan of his is working towards his race goals for next year.

    Trans-Iowa V.2 details are coming along just fine. I am waiting on one more key item before I can unleash the slaughter on the online registration. It will be interesting to see who gets in this year. The first 70 are in. Everyone else will have to suffer through a week of RAGBRAI.

    I think, right now I am officially mentally stable from yesterdays vicious wiener dog attack. Scary!

    Time to prep for shop. How about those employee bios?