• Part-time race promoter till April 29

    I am in full on Trans-Iowa V.2 mode. Since the dates are now set, it's time for me to get things going. Such as: Insurance, prizing, and contacting the specific people in the host towns. I just got done sending out a bunch of sponsorship requests. I can't imagine what working as a marketing guy at a bike company is like. Can you imagine the e-mails and phone calls they must get? I would go insane. I have learned over the last few years to respect them like God's. They make this sport of ours go round 'n round. If it wasn't for them, Trans-Iowa would never happen. Well, I take that back. It would happen, but the only prizing you would get would be that saddle sore the size of a quarter on your bum. Ouch!

    Today is Friday, and that means one thing...day off. Day off from work that is. I did my AM weight lifting at the YMCA, and later I will go out on the bike for some spinning in my pre-base riding mode. Speaking of riding...anyone want to ride Sat and Sun morning? Go out from 8 till 11 or so? I am thinking gravel and a slow pace. E-mail me or post a comment.

    That is all for now. Trans-Iowa V.2 is on my mind.