• More snow...

    Hey, guess what? We got some more of the white stuff. About 1.5 inches to be exact. That's just enough to make all the folks in their cars drive like fools. On the way to the YMCA this morning I say 3 cars spin out and do loops right in the middle of the 4 lane. Sweet!

    While at the YMCA, I say a few cars go into the on ramp to University Ave a bit too fast and end up railing the curb. Brilliant! The only one I saw successfully clear the curb happen to be G-Ted on his way to work on the K-Monkey. Word.

    Today at the YMCA was cardio day for me. So, I loaded up the MP3 player with about 50 songs, and filled 2 bottles with water and ELETE and went to work. Ended up with 2 hours of good solid cardio and a respectable pre-season HR and a pool of sufferage on the floor below me. After the 2 hours on the stairmaster-of-doom, I hit the treadmill for a 30 minute walk to get the HR down and to cool down. It was all good.

    Speaking of ELETE...they updated their website with a fresh new look. Check it out!

    So, it is now official. Carl has gone so-pro on the bike. Look out.

    And even G-Ted has gone so-pro...but on the blog rather than the bike. Awesome!

    That is about it. Have to be shop nazi tonight again. Hopefully the people that stop in this evening atleast have an interest in cycling. Last night Carl and myself had to entertain the husbands of the ladies shopping at Goodwill next door. That sucks more than anything has sucked before.

    My eating habits today are sub-par for an athlete in training. Someone needs to kick me in the junk.