• Like Old Times...

    Yesterday was a full day at the shop. Believe it or not we were busy. That is hard to believe since it's a bike shop in Iowa...in November...only 50 degrees...and raining. People needed to get their goods for the colder months, and yesterday was the day.

    While at work I got a phone call from an old high school buddy / college roommate. He was in the area, and we hadn't hung out since the days back at UNI, so we met up after work at Texas Roadhouse. For almost 3 hours we talked about the days at UNI, and at ILCC. Good times. He pretty much stayed in touched with all the guys that lived together back at ILCC so he gave me the lowdown on most of them. So during that 3 hours it was eat, eat, eat....laugh....eat, eat....laugh to the point were water was going to shoot out my nose. You get the idea.

    After the 3 hour Texas Roadhouse meat slaughter it was time for me to head back to the apartment and for Chris to head back to Des Moines...then to Omaha. Looks like there might be something happening in Feb of '06. That should be interesting.

    Now, it is time to prep for trail work. We are heading out at 8 AM to clear out the thick jungle around Alice Wyth Lake.

    Check back later for pictures.

    Speaking of old times...I have added links on the Trans-Iowa website sidebar to other websites that document last years race. Enjoy!