• I was sent this in an e-mail

    So, someone sent this t-shirt to me via e-mail.

    They were like..."Hey, you should get one of these."

    OK. Not sure if I would go as far as a "Legend"

    It's pretty cool though.

    In other news...
    Thanks to my Car Maintainence sponsor...Guitar Ted...for replacing the bulb in my headlight. Is there anything this guy can't do?

    Carl is in a good mood. I know why! But I let him share the news when the time comes. For the meantime, head over to his site and try to figure it out.

    That is all for now. Carl and myself are heading out for a base miles road ride. Good times. Todays ride will be fueled by the sounds of SEVENDUST playing in my skull.

    Question for you...
    Would you like to see video on this site? Pictures are starting to get pretty blaaaaaaaa. Sound off please!