• Here's what's sore yo!

    Yesterday was the first day back in the gym. I was getting my grunting on and staring down weight machines as I stalked them by walking around the machines. After yesterdays 2 hour weight lifting...err...grunting session here is list of what is sore:

    • gluteus maximus
    • biceps
    • Pectoralis major and minor
    Not bad. In the previous years, it seemed like I had a hard time getting out of bed for the first week of weights.

    Today, is cardio/fat burning work. I will work the stairmaster at a set HR to help burn unwanted body fat. The intensity is low for this. Burn. Burn. Burn.

    Just have to finish this coffee, then it's time to walk to the YMCA.


    Still need some help planing that endurance based off-season weight lifting program? Check this out for a good idea.

    Craft base layers...
    A must for the gym in all situations. Viva la Moisture wicking materials!